Day 1a – Motivation

I have not missed a class since returning for Washington D.C., which is a big deal for me. My newfound motivation can be attributed to my cousin Ben. His love of school is borderline fanatical & attitudes are contagious. His mom has to negotiate for him to stay home when he is sick or wheelchair bound.  IPE Theory here I come!

In honor of Ben: Go Giants!!


Day 1 – Fog

I woke up and found commencement bay engulfed by a fog bank. Like any sane person this led me to believe,”Yes, it is finally time to build your ikea shelf.”  Running three miles in the building gym can wait until next year.  I also discovered a new love of the library in my first month back at college. Who would have thought the microfiche section would be useful in 2014?!

I am spending more and more time during my breaks researching hydrokinetic energy & the viability of contractor based colocation data centers.  Mentors are hard to come by in these industries, any suggestions are welcome.